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The Discussion Series: Freezing Your Eggs?

Hey Besties!

This year with my brand, I challenged myself to dive deeper into topics that may not be as talked about in the community. Here's my take on a community roundtable talk! Most of you guys know I have a passion for women’s health, especially black women’s health. I like to listen to podcasts especially Therapy for Black Girls , episode 245 really stood out to me. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford had Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey on as a special guest. Dr. Jackson-Bey is a Reproductive Endocrinologist and she spoke about the egg-freezing process, IVF and infertility. If you know me, I am a self-proclaimed boujee auntie, Tete for life, somebody’s fine ass nanny and the names for myself go on and on

…but listen! The culture of having kids has completely shifted from our parents and even our grandparents. Women today are waiting later and later to have kids. Women are going back to school for longer periods of time. Women are working harder than ever to accomplish all of their dreams before starting a family and let’s be honest, the dating pool is not like it used to be for past generations. Even people in relationships may be having a hard time deciding if they want to have kids with their current partner. Let’s not forget health issues that largely affect black women like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, etc. So many different factors can play a part in the childbearing process. So now the million-dollar question is what are our options?

Freezing your eggs may sound like the answer to your prayers, right? For some it may be but let’s not dismiss the amount of planning that must go into that process. Egg retrieval and freezing is an expensive investment. Notice I said investment. It would be an investment in your future. Dr. Jackson-Bey made an amazing point about introducing this process and pricing early on. So, most people know I’m a big fan of TV shows. Do y’all remember “The Mindy Project”? It was a show (it still is on Hulu for those who want to check it out) about an OBGYN. Mindy Kaling was the main actress who played Mindy Lahiri. Anyway, there was a couple of episodes where she went on a college campus and spoke with these college women about freezing their eggs. Think about it, in college were we thinking about having kids…I know I wasn’t. I was studying, partying, blowing my refund checks on shopping, and God knows what. I was making sure I did not get pregnant! Looking at the bigger picture, from the time you get your first period until about 35 is the optimal time for reproductivity. I am not a fertility expert and I know women over 40 can have children (I’ve helped deliver a couple of those sweet kiddos) but that is primarily the best time without having more complications with pregnancy. This podcast episode was super informational and thought provoking. Even your girl, the forever auntie, had the thought of “what if I wake up one day and suddenly want a child of my own?” I definitely think you guys should check out this podcast linked here!

So, tell me what you feel about this process? Do you know your options on family planning for the future? Are there any other barriers or reasons you think we as a community typically don’t talk about this option? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


The Klassic Nurse 💋

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