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P. U. S. H. 🙏🏾

Pray Until Something Happens

Keep God First 🙏🏾

So guys, most of you know I have wanted to move. What you don't know is I have been regretting my decision to come home and work. So many people told me to go home for a while before moving to save money. I really wish I would have listened to my gut instead of other people. I drive from my hometown of Natchitoches, LA to Shreveport, LA every time I work. I work 4 days a week one week and 3 days the next week and it doesn't allow for much time to socialize or live life. Living an hour from my job really started to take a toll on my mind, body, and soul. I was always tired and cranky. I could feel my quality of life slipping away day by day. Also, working nights I felt like I wasn't getting enough rest. Fed up with my current situation, I did what anybody in my position would do, I prayed to God and asked for a solution. I started working in August and it was about mid-October when I began to feel so drained. So in the midst of praying and asking God for a new path, I applied for my Texas nursing license. Being that I have a Louisiana license, I had to apply for endorsement. Since we all take the same national test, NCLEX, you don't have to retake it when you move to a different state.

Applying for endorsement

First, I had to pay an endorsement fee. I paid $186 to the Texas State Board of Nursing. Then I had to pay a $30 verification fee. This was so Texas State Board could confirm I had a Louisiana license. I had to have my fingerprints done in order to complete my background check. When I went to Houston for the Resilient Nurse I went ahead and got this done. This was about $40. For the state of Texas, I also had to take and pass a nursing jurisprudence test. So in total, I spent a little over $250 dollars but to me, it was worth it. Plus I would make that back in no time. It took about 10 days for me to receive my temporary license. I got my permanent Texas license on November 15, 2018. I had already been applying for jobs in Houston and Dallas but I figured once I had a Texas license I would be more marketable. So I decided to practice patience.

Nursing Jurisprudence Exam Score 💁🏾‍♀️

Applying for jobs

I applied for so many jobs. I really want to be a labor and delivery nurse so starting out that is all I applied for. I applied at so many hospitals, even different hospitals within the same hospital systems. I also applied for residencies too. I ended up getting a call from an HCA recruiter who hadn't fully read my resume and thought I had graduated in August instead of May and she gave me a little advice. She explained that the women's services jobs almost always go to employees of the hospital. I took that into consideration and started to look at Med Surg jobs. I applied for a few and received a call from a recruiter like the third week of January. She was very impressed with me so she recommended me to the manager. Because I still live in Louisiana and I'm still working, it was a phone interview instead of an in-person interview. The manager called me on a Tuesday and I had a physical offer by Friday. When I tell you I felt like everything was finally coming together. This was a big step for me but I knew it was in God's plan.

Texas Medical Center 🏥

The Job Offer

Moving forward, I have accepted a job at Memorial Hermann The Medical Center as a Staff RN FT on a Med Surg floor. Although this is not where I obviously want to be, it's a step in the right direction. Memorial Hermann is one of the best hospitals in the United States. Some of my friends know I've been talking about working at this hospital for the longest. I have said multiple times: Memorial Hermann is my dream hospital lol. I was very excited and to say I got this job strictly from two phone interviews speaks volumes. Mark my words, people can definitely feel vibes from you just by talking on the phone. I believe that's so amazing and says a lot about my character. I signed my official offer letter January 11, 2019. I got my official start date January 24, 2019. I start a new era of my life March 4th, 2019.

Signed My Offer 😍

The Final Days

So now you ask, what's the next step for The Klassic Nurse? Well first things first, I have to put my 2 weeks notice to my current job. I'm going to do that Tuesday morning when my manager returns to work. And yes I typed up an actual letter to put on her desk lol. I decided to take two weeks off in between jobs just to get all my stuff together. If you know me personally, you know I need probably more than 2 weeks because I literally have so much stuff to move. It's really dangerous how many clothes and shoes I have in my closet. Like I said previously this is such a big move for me and I am so blessed to have my friends, family and of course, you guys, there to support me on this journey. I feel like this is only the beginning and this is the first step on the road to open many doors for me! I am so excited that I can share this major milestone with you guys. I also want you guys to be on the lookout for The Klassic Nurse official merchandise coming very soon.

Happiness Is Bliss 😁


The Klassic Nurse 💋

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