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First Day Vibes✨

Guysssssssss it’s been too long! I am so sorry about that, but it was so necessary. I made the biggest leap of my life and I couldn’t be happier. For those who know me personally, it’s known that I have wanted to move to Houston since I was a little girl. But for my readers, I am about to open up to you guys on a whole different level… so boom here it is, my first blog post back from my moving hiatus - The Return of the Klassic Nurse.

So, for the people who don’t know, my original plan was to move to Houston after my graduation from THE Southern University and A&M College. Well, as we know our plans do not always go the way we want. My mom asked me to come home for a while to help care for my grandmother, so instead of pursuing my dream job in my dream city, I moved back to Natchitoches, LA (my home town) and started interviewing for nursing positions at the surrounding hospitals. My first real interview was for a labor and delivery position at Rapides Women and Children in Alexandria, LA. I felt it went really well but ultimately, I didn’t get the job. I then applied for an L&D and mother-baby position in Lafayette (because my boyfriend at the time lived in Lafayette) I didn’t get those either. Feeling defeated, I started to apply for med surg and other positions. So, I reached out to my friend, sorority sister, mentor, and fellow blogger and nurse, Chelsea. (The Founder and CEO of Fabuleax Nurses). She told me about her experiences at the hospital where she worked and knew I would be hired there because they were looking for nurses. So, I did what anybody in my position would do… I went on the interview. I was literally hired on the spot. The chief nursing officer was so impressed by my appearance and poise that she offered me the job without even really interviewing me. I was hired as a night nurse making 22.44 base pay. (I warned you! I was getting personal this time lol) I was also offered another job at another competing hospital but the hospital I chose seemed like the better fit for me.

Starting the Job and a Hard Knock Life

I opted to wait a few weeks to start my job so I could take a little vacation before being tied down for life for obvious reasons. While on vacation, I went scrub shopping and mentally prepared to be a real nurse. I mean, come on, they can only teach you so much in school. The real learning begins on the unit. I started my new career on August 20, 2018. Of course, the first week was nothing but hospital orientation. It was basically a class, class, and more class! (Side note: I also bought a car two days after starting but we’ll save that for another post.) After about a week of classes and orientation, I started on the floor August 26th. I was so nervous because I mean I hadn’t had clinical in how long! My last clinical experience was mother-baby not ortho or med surg. Also, I had only been on the unit twice, once for my interview and one the Friday before I started on the floor. I prayed the night before I started on the floor and asked God to settle my spirit and to let me go in with a clear mind so I could do the job I was meant to do! Orientation went well. All the skills I thought I forgot, deep down I still knew. Of course, because I went to the best nursing school. Life for me was going well. At least that’s what I kept telling myself. Halfway through orientation, my happy bubble began to slowly leak air. While I was still on orientation another hospital in the area had a labor and delivery position available and I decided to apply. I went for the interview and the peer interview. Everything went perfectly. I mean textbook perfect. Ask me if I ever heard from that manager again…NEVER. Not even a rejection email, although I was very familiar with rejection letters. Sometime in October, my boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me without explanation while I was at work. I hadn’t felt a pain like this since losing my grandfather in 2011. Actually, I’m lying, because my grandfather’s death was expected, he had cancer. I was emotionally prepared for that; this I was not. My line sister and one of my best friends were also severely injured in a car accident as well. About two months later, the day nurse supervisor at my job told me to “grow up” because I called into work for being sick. At this point, I was depressed and putting on a show for my family and friends. I felt like I had to be strong for everybody in my life, but nobody was there to be strong for me. This was a test of my faith and I knew that. One night my grandfather came to me in a dream and asked one simple question, “Darrian, baby what are you doing?”. For the first time in my life, I honestly didn’t know. What I did know was I couldn’t keep going through life as this shell of a person. I wasn’t happy at all anymore, so what was there for me to do? What I do best…make a change. I decided to put a plan in motion. I didn’t know how long it was going to take but I knew it would work because I had God on my side.

The Shakeback

From there, I started applying for jobs left and right. I stretched my connections to the max, calling anyone and everyone I could think of with any connections the Houston medical systems. I applied to nurse residencies, even though I wasn’t a new grad, I sent applications and resumes to all hospitals everywhere. I drove almost 8 hours to San Antonio to go to a group interview with hundreds of other applicants just to get my name in the mix. I didn’t get a job out of this experience, but one of the interviewers said something that stuck with me and its super cliché but oh well. When I walked up to her and said I wasn’t a new grad and I was currently in a med surg experience she said “I think a good nurse is made from having med surg experience, we all need that but if women’s services is where you want to be when they push you out, you push back, you fight hard, and I promise you’ll get there. Get your foot in the door and branch out.” Honestly, San Antonio was too far for me to be alone anyway but it made me reconsider the positions I was applying for. I felt like I had enough med surg and I was ready to go straight to women’s services, so those were the only positions I was applying for. So, after talking to the interviewer I started applying for med surg jobs again. So, going into the New Year I prayed for a change and boy did I get one. On Jan. 4th I received a call from a recruiter about a possible job and interview on a med surg/post op floor. After doing an initial phone interview, she felt I would be a good fit for the manager and set up a phone interview for Jan. 8th. I had a phone interview with the manager and another nurse. She said after the interview she wanted to bring me in for a peer interview and she would get back with me. Friday, January 11th, she called me with a job offer, no peer interview necessary because she felt I would be a good fit for her unit. You can’t tell me God is not good. Hired by phone. This lady didn’t know me from Adam! Just a voice over the phone. I am here to tell you that God will always make a way! When you feel like you can’t go on, PRAY. He delivers guys. I am here to say though despite me going through, I am back and better. I am genuinely happy in my new city of Houston, Texas and life is as it should be. And that concludes the shake back but I’m not done. In the upcoming weeks, I will be dropping a post once a week. I love you guys for still supporting me and being so loyal. I promise this is only the beginning.


The Klassic Nurse 💋

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