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Imposter Syndrome?

Hey besties!

So, I know I’m not the only person in the world who has felt like because I have something that I’ve always wanted and I’m not always 100 percent enjoying it that I don’t deserve it or something. Like feeling fraudulent because all the people in my life are so proud of me for accomplishing this big goal and I’m squandering it.


Imposter syndrome can have a person doubting themselves despite having the education, experience and accomplishments to back it up. According to Medline, to counter these feelings a person might end up working harder and holding themselves to a higher standard. We have all experienced this feeling at some point in our lives. Imposter syndrome can be the result of so many different factors. The syndrome could be rooted from certain personality traits such as perfectionism (I struggle with this so bad) or family dynamics. When some families value achievement over everything the pressures of what you must do can be overwhelming. Let’s not forget about the pressures social media has on us as well. They give us this fictious timeline of when you’re supposed to be dating or get married, have a baby, buy a house. Also, not to mention that you need to drive a certain car or make a certain amount of money. It’s ridiculous how people have so much to say about the way we live our lives.



Here’s my most recent experience with imposter syndrome. As you all know, I started working as a labor and delivery nurse and it has been one of the hardest transitions of my life. I felt and honestly still feel like I’m not good at it yet. But God has a way of showing us the truth through our bouts of self-doubt. I’ve had patients and families tell my coworkers they loved me and wish they’ve had me back as their nurse. I’ve had patients send me thank you cards, and it reminds me that regardless of my uncertainty this is where I am supposed to be! Thank you guys for being with me when I started my nurse journey and I know you guys will be here until the end.


The Klassic Nurse 💋



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