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*Beep Beep* It's the Car Story 🚙

Hey guys! I know it has been a while since my last post but guess who’s back and better than ever? It’s me. Many people asked me about my experience buying a car directly out of school. So, this my friends, is my experience. My car (2008 Nissan Altima Coupe) had decided to act a little funny. I had just replaced a transmission in a old car and traded it for another car and the transmission in that car was going bad too. I did the only thing I felt was right to do, I went to the dealership. Backstory, I wanted a Mercedes so bad! I felt like it was my money buying the car so I should be able to get exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t thinking about the other things that encompass buying a new car such as the insurance and also the fact that I wanted move along with other bills I have. It took a lot of rationalizing, but I finally decided to go with my back up car, a 2018 Honda Accord. On August 22, yes two days into orientation, my Altima started making a really bad noise, so my mom told me to take it to the Nissan dealership. They wanted to charge me like $200 to run a diagnostic test…….no ma’am, no sir. I left from that dealership and drove across the street to the Honda dealership to look around. I called my mom and she agreed that it was time for me to go look at maybe purchasing a new car. My cousin was a manager at the dealership and I knew he would help me get the best rate for the car I wanted. I walked in the door and this other guy was like “May I help you?” My mom and I agreed to only stay if my cousin was there so I asked for him and the guy was like he’s not in, but maybe I can help you. At this point, I’m ready to walk out of the door. Sir you are not who I came for. He convinced me to stay and says let me make a phone call. The phone call he made…was to my cousin lol. So, D gets on the phone and tells me the guy’s name is Jason and he’s one of his really good friends. He also tells me Jason will put me with the best salesman until he gets back. My salesman name was Preston and he was really, really nice. Going into the car buying process I knew I needed a good credit score. I had been working on my credit since my sophomore year in college because I knew this day would come. Walking into the dealership I had a credit score of 805 so regardless I knew I was walking out of that dealership with something whether it be new or used. Preston asked me what I was looking for and I thought I knew. I originally wanted a basic model 2018 Honda Accord in the color white and that’s what I test drove. The car drove so smoothly, and I knew that’s what I wanted but it intrigued me to know what the upgraded model had to offer. So, Preston told me about the different models, and I decided to get the EX instead of the LX. This was really my first grown up decision and I seriously couldn’t have been more excited. It has been a year today since I got my car, and I have paid more than 20% of my car loan off. Since I started paying my car note, I pay more on it than required to. By doing this I am paying more towards my principal amount which in turn means I will be done paying my car off before the allotted time. I got my car at an interest rate of 1.9% which is really good since I’m young and my credit history was not very extensive. Getting a Honda was probably one of the best decisions, I have ever made. It is such a dependable vehicle. I have not had any real problems out of my car in the year I have had it. Also, the gas mileage is superb. If you know me, you know I am always on the move. I have put a total of 28,000 miles on it in a year. It only takes about $25 to fill up. Driving back and forth to Shreveport for work I had to fill up my car about twice a week. Now that I have moved to Houston and my distance to work is shorter, I fill up my car maybe once a week and more when I have to travel home to Louisiana. Overall, I would 10/10 recommend a Honda Accord as a first-time car for any of my recent or soon to be graduates.

Do any of you have a vehicle that you would recommend as a first-time car? Drop the details below. You never know who you might be helping in the comments.

XOXO The Klassic Nurse💋

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