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808s and Heartbreak 💔

Okay guys, I know I usually talk about nursing but it’s about time I shake things up a bit. It’s a topic I’m being completely transparent about…heartbreak. We all have had our fair share. Idk about you guys but I like to compare my situations to celebrities. I mean if they can get through it with all the scrutiny from tabloids and paparazzi while still coming out on top, then I sure as hell can. Back to the subject at hand, things are going to break your heart. Whether it’s a friend, a parent, a love interest, or even a tv show. (I know we have all been personally victimized by the beautiful genius Shonda Rhimes on her various shows; *coughs* Grey’s Anatomy). With this being said, it’s about how we handle these heartbreaks. Transparency moment…the younger me handled heartbreak in such unhealthy ways. For example, when the first guy I dated in college broke up with me I locked myself in my room, watched all the seasons of Criminal Minds (our show) and didn’t eat for 4 days. Looking back, I realize how stupid this was. Ladies and fellas, you should never let anyone break you like that. It’s a super cliché phrase but seriously there are so many more fish in the sea. It wasn’t until my most recent ex-boyfriend broke up with me that I feel like I handled a heartbreak well. I feel like I touched on this before but if I haven’t…my ex broke up with me via text message while I was at work with no explanation. To this day I still have no explanation. At first this frustrated me, I blamed myself and wondered what I had done to him to make him do that to me. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I didn’t want to tell my family or my friends. I wanted to lock myself into a room, curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. But who can guess why none of this happened? Ding, ding, ding! Your girl was at work! My patients didn’t deserve subpar care because my feelings were hurt. That was the toughest situation I had ever been in. My stress level while studying and taking comps and NCLEX was not even close to my stress level this day. Ultimately, I made it through. That day, I vowed to myself that from that day forward, I would not let a guy ever take me out of my element. I had already proved to myself that getting basically some of the worse news ever, I could still make it through.

Heartbreak: The Cure

One thing I use to get through difficult situations like this one is music. My line sister (shout out to Mel) made me a playlist that I listened to for like a week straight. It is a mix of songs that will bring out the inner bad bitch in you. Singing these songs in the mirror was very therapeutic for me. They are mostly feel-good songs that will make you forget that you’re hurt. Another way I make myself feel better is writing. Writing out all my feelings really takes a weight off of my shoulders. After my break-up is really what prompted me to creating my blog. I just really needed an outlet to express myself while helping people. Other therapeutic ways to cope with heartbreak are exercise, meditation, and talking it out with others. Now I know it feels easier to grab a tub of ice cream and cry listening to resentment by Beyoncé over and over again. (Trust and believe me I’ve done it).

The Conclusion

After all is said and done the most important thing is to protect yourself and protect your heart. Watch who you give your love to because everyone is not deserving of your energy. Always pay attention to the way the person you’re interested in treats the other people in their life. This will show you if he’s genuine or not. My mama always told me that the way a guy treats his mom is the way he will eventually treat you. That may be good but that also could be bad. Another thing that we know, but we don’t always believe is you will get through this. I honestly thought at the time of my failed relationship I wouldn’t be able to be happy again but time and time again, God has proven that he is always looking out for me. You do however, have to be careful with everyone and everything you put your time into. It is definitely okay to be selfish with your energy and love. If you don’t feel that your time and energy is being reciprocated, LEAVE that person alone. When people show you who they are…believe them. You seriously can’t teach an old dog new tricks so do not try. Save yourself from that disappointment sweetheart. Well friends, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I do want to pose a question with this post though. Do you think we as young adults can experience the same type of heartbreak as someone who is an older adult? Why or why not? Also, tell me your healthy ways and unhealthy ways of getting through a difficult heartbreak or a tough situation. Someone reading this might benefit from your experience. I promise this is a safe space! Want it to be anonymous, send me an email and I’ll post to the comments.


The Klassic Nurse💋

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