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Another One Bites The Dust 👐🏾

Alexa, cue another one bites the dust by Queen! It has been a long time guys. I am one to admit 2020 was a long year but guess what? 2020 is over! We made it to 2021. Does anybody else feel like it took forever to get here? While the COVID 19 pandemic did take a major toll on the year, all was not lost. There were a lot of exciting things that happened! So, if you don’t mind I’ll give a recap of the latter part of my year!


Okay so, March is where I’m going to start because that is when every sense of normalcy I thought I knew went out of the window. Okay, so boom to keep from furloughing anybody (at least that’s my assumption who knows) my hours were cut a lot. If you’re not familiar with the type of unit I work on go back to one of my previous blog posts! My unit ended up closing down because of the state’s decision for the present moment to stop all elective surgeries. For like a month and a half my work schedule was constant unpredictable. I vividly remember one day getting up for work, getting dressed, arriving to the train station, ultimately to go back home because I was not needed. On the other hand when I did go into work, which at this point was 3-4 times a pay period if I was lucky, I would be floated all around to other units that were short staffed. This included the covid units. Let’s just say March to May tested everything I had in me. Work eventually returned to a semi normal state during this tough transitional phase. It’s very important that everyone wears their masks and follow the appropriate social distancing laws.

On a lighter note, this time to myself and away from work allowed me to really work on my relationship with God. I personally feel like this pandemic was meant to be a wake up call for us from Him. I’ll go more into detail about my spiritual enlightenment on another post. During this time, I made the conscious decision that apartment living was not for me. So, I decided to start looking for a home to call my own. My aunt and uncle recommended a realtor, who in turn had a mortgage person so I got that ball rolling. Be on the lookout for my post about the process, along with tips, tricks, etc about my home buying experience. Ultimately I ended up closing on my home July 31. 2020. In conjunction with a new home, I was blessed to save a life, while one saved mine, my broke bestie Fendi Jae! I adopted a chihuahua mix from a local shelter as apart of a clear the shelter event. When I say he is my broke bestie, I mean that. I love my little Fen Fen. See told you, not all things 2020 were bad.


Moving right along to August. August was extremely busy because I had to quickly move out of my apartment and into to my new townhouse. Every off weekend I had, my family and I were busy! Thank God for my family, friends and my boyfriend. I got all moved in. Mid-September I decided to have a family oriented housewarming. My immediate family came, aunts, uncles, cousins and a few great friends. You know it was a good time when I have no pictures whatsoever lol just memories. I pretty much got everything off of my housewarming gift list. In October I was graciously awarded the Daisy Foundation Award at work! It took me by surprise because I definitely did not expect it. Stay tuned for a separate post about what all this entailed and how you too can win at your job if you’re a nurse! I also decided in October to start my first small business so I am excited about that and can’t wait to share that with you guys. November brought some challenges. If you know me I love the holidays so it was weird not being able to see my family for Thanksgiving. Also Thanksgiving is always a downer for me because my grandfather died Thanksgiving Day in 2011. Moving on to December, I absolutely love Christmas. With the help of my mom I was able to decorate my house so beautifully. I had two Christmas trees, decorations outside and inside all over the house. Oooo thinking about it has me all excited. Another exciting thing I did was open a Poshmark closet! I will definitely drop the link! There are some nice things on there for the low! Since we didn’t meet for Thanksgiving, I decided to host Christmas dinner. Guys, this was the first time I had the opportunity to cook dinner in its entirety. It was a lot of work but it was worth it. I legit still have food frozen in my freezer to eat later! Y’all the food was good. Like I always knew i could cook but I really really can cook lol. Another leap of faith I decided to take last month was becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I know when you hear Mary Kay you think of old ladies but to be honest, Mary Kay has stepped their cookies up!!! DO YOU HEAR ME! Be on the lookout for another post about my experience with the brand, products and more. Last but not least to celebrate the New Year and just to take a break from is all, my boyfriend and I traveled to the windy city, Chicago! It was the most beautiful experience. The city is absolutely gorgeous. Now it was definitely cold and I froze but it was worth it! Guys this is pretty much it for my recap of 2020. I’m so excited for the things I have in store for you guys. 2021 is the Year of The Klassic Nurse and I promise I will not be letting up. To my loyal supporters, thank you so much for still sticking behind me and still being here. Again, I cannot wait for you guys to see what I have in store!


The Klassic Nurse 💋

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